KHRB Radio

Harrisburg's own radio station! Tune into KHRB radio at 92.3 FM for commercial-free Christian radio as well as live broadcast's of Harrisburg High School sports. Click on the link to the left for details on HHS sports event broadcasts, both live and archived.

We play LOTS of great, Christian music! When we're not playing music, we offer some fantastic Bible teaching programs.

The KRHB Program Schedule:

Live Services
Sunday Morning Service
Wednesday Evening Service
Chuck Missler-66/40:  
1am, 7am, 5pm, 10pm.
Our Own Pastor, Jerry Lenhard:    
2am, 8am, 2pm, 8pm.
Walter Martin-Essential Christianity:  
9am, 3pm, 9pm.
Malcolm Wilde-Sound Truth:  
3am, 10am, 4pm, 11pm.
Ken Graves-GodSword   
4am, 11am, 8 pm.
Chuck Smith-TWFT: English 
6am, 12pm, 6:30pm.
Walter Martin-Essential Christianity: 
2am, 8am, 3pm, 8pm.
Steel on Steel  
Part 1-1pm, Part 2-2pm
Steel on Steel   
Part 1-1pm, Part 2-2pm.
Walter Martin-Essential Christianity:  
2am, 2pm, 7pm, 11pm.