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PLEASE NOTE:  Calvary Chapel Tri-County is fully complying with federal and state recommendations and guidelines and all services are cancelled (both Sundays and Wednesdays) until further notice due to COVID-19.    

Please make sure you continue to visit this site for current studies and encouraging messages to be posted by Pastor Jerry Lenhard in the upcoming days. Thank you.

March 22, 2020
To the Brothers and Sisters in Christ here at Calvary Chapel Tri-County,
Our President has requested that the citizens of the United States practice social distancing for a period of time in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has asked that there be no gathering of more than ten people.  It is the decision of myself and the elders to comply with this request and there will be no worship services held in our church building until further notice.
I believe the Lord would have us follow this request, for to not do so would be disrespectful to the Office of the President of the United States.  In Scripture, 1 Peter 2:13-16 and Romans 13:1-7 explain to us that we should regard governmental leadership as coming from God.  
Now there is a time, such as in Acts 5:28-29, when we must obey God’s law and not the law of men, but I do not think this is such a time.  Rather this is a time to be prudent and have concern for others. This coronavirus should pass us by in time, and we need to be concerned about the health of others and not just our own desire to assemble together.  We are not restricted from sharing our faith, or from proclaiming Jesus over our radio station, or website, or on an individual basis.  And so we thank God and should continue to pray for our nation and our leadership until this crisis has passed.
Please continue to monitor our website for new Bible studies, encouragement, and any news. Thank you for your understanding and patience.  May the Lord bless you and your family and may He keep us all healthy to continue the work of His kingdom.  We are in the Lord’s hands.
Love in Jesus,
Pastor Jerry

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Calvary Chapel Tri-County is located at 255 Smith St. on the corner of Smith St. and Hwy 99 in Harrisburg.  

Our Focus at Calvary Chapel Tri-County is the Word of God, plain and simple. We worship the Lord, spend time in his word, and take time to fellowship with and encourage one another. We invite you join us! In case you are curious, feel free to read up on what we believe, and, if you like, how you can know God.

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